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Pikmin Bloom

Niantic, 2018

Lead Concept Artist, Concept Phase

It was a delight to have the opportunity to assist the Pikmin dev team  during the Concept phase of the project.  Referencing other Pikmin games, we immediately realized we had a chance to play with scale on the map and in-turn, focal depth. Below are some examples of concepts created for stylization targets.

Map Stylization Concepts

Pikmin Planter

Early in concept, we had the idea that Pikmin could travel around on the map in a portable biosphere.  One application of that was a 4 legged friend that would carry the biosphere on its back where the Pikmin could teleport into and out of the garden. 

I loved creating this creature as a first stab at the idea.  


Additional Planter ideas using objects .. cute anthropomorphic objects. 

Pikmin Wearables

One of my favorite story points about Pikmin is that they are basically the cutest minions you could ever hope for. So when designing wearables, we wanted to keep that brute force aspect of their personalities in mind. Instead of creating tailored items for Pikmin, it felt much more appropriate for them to find little bits of things on the ground as they make their way along and have them just haphazardly plop those things on their head or their body.  Below are some items around the house that i gathered to illustrate this point.  



1. No Handmade Clothing

2. Unaltered Found Objects = Pikmin Clothing

3. All objects must be true to scale

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