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NBA All-World

Niantic, 2017 & 2023

Lead Concept Artist/Art Director on Pitch

I was tasked with creating the Pitch Artwork and Marketing Stylization for the exciting opportunity between Niantic and the NBA to work together on the unique AR mobile experience of "bringing the NBA to your own neighborhood".  I saw this as an opportunity to pitch high energy graphics and loose interpretations of the environments & players.  Bold colors, sharp lines, rich texture and abstraction could set us apart from other console games and allow us some lee-way on the technical side.

Marketing the Product

Shown are several early Marketing Look Dev explorations I had done for the NBA All World Branding stylization at launch.

Stylization 1: URBANIC

Stylization 2: OPTIC

Stylization 2: GFX

Pitching the Vision

For the Pitch Deck that would be shown to the NBA and the Players League, I wanted to capture a mix of Urban Hip Hop culture with hyperrealism sprinkled in.  The mix of the realistic and the stylized elements made for a dynamic juxtaposition in the images, as would the real-world and the AR elements.