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Mieke Hutchins a Concept Artist and Art Director based in the Portland, OR area.

I am an artist with over 20 years experience in the AR/VR/XR, Gaming and Film industries. Demonstrating a rich background in Graphic Design, 3D Matte Painting, Concept Design and Art Direction. A founding member of both Whiskytree, a visual effects company and Niantic, an Augmented Reality games & experience company, I have a broad understanding of media across Film, Games and Mixed Reality experiences.

On the weekends, I love to see what kinds of mixed-media trouble I can get myself into with laser-cutting, embroidery, pen and paint, clay, resin and pretty much anything else i can get my hands on!


Personal Work

Latest Exhibitions

Mixed Media Work:


IG: @trycarrots

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Bay Area Artist Choice

San Francisco, CA



San Francisco, CA

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