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Ingress Prime

Niantic, 2017

Lead Concept Artist

Ingress is personally one of my favorite products at Niantic because of its wonderful Community. I had the opportunity to work on the adaptation of Ingress to Ingress Prime. After having had the opportunity to work on Ingress so many years prior.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces from that project.


I got the chance to try some digital representations of what ADA might look like.  Her character was heavily defined by lore already, so it was fun to try some versions of how she might represent herself to the players.


One idea that always intrigued me was that of adding Mods to the Portals.  I always imagined this would be a  type of DNA extraction and replacement that we could zoom into and look at on a Micro level. 


Below are some examples of concepts done to solve some common UX issues.  The final UX was derived from these concepts.

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